Jacc Translation (1 comment)

Added by Michael Liebler about 4 years ago

We are proud that we can soon offer a portuguese and german translation for Jacc. Thanks a lot to D├ęcio Rocha.

Jacc 3.0

Added by Michael Liebler about 4 years ago

Jacc 3.0 will not longer support Joomla versions < 2.5. The reason for this is that it can be assumed that developers will certainly not develope new extensions for Joomla 1.5.

Therefor Jacc will produce a very clear and Joomla compliant code. This will facilitate the users to continue developing.

Published Beta 0.3

Added by Michael Liebler about 7 years ago

Beta 0.3 will create a working frontend. You can download also an update package.

Download Beta 0.3 or the update package from from

Update will follow soon

Added by Michael Liebler over 7 years ago

Some issues like odering or php notices have been detected and corrected now.

Also available in: Atom